2010 iCATCH recall

There is an active recall on a specialty trailer sold by Seadoo
called the "iCATCH", it is a self docking trailer.

If you have recently purchased a ski with this type of trailer, 
please review the recall information at the link below

Seadoo iCATCH Trailer Recall
Always secure your ski while towing
The bow strap is simply not enough for safety
Always use at least one tie down on the rear of your ski. Two better

If you plan on towing your ski trailer at 75mph, be aware of the condition of
your trailer tires and wheel bearings
$25 spent on a cheap grease gun can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
Captain Pete says :

Grease BEFORE you go!



2011 Seadoo 4-tec timing chain recall

If you own a 2011 Model Seadoo 4-tec you want to download this
Bulletin and check to see if your Hull # ( HIN#) is listed.

If it is,  make haste to get your ski to your dealer for this
most important recall. If your timing chain fails you'll
be looking at a longer period of time you will be without your ski
as your engine will suffer serious damage and have to be replaced.

Seadooo 4-tec recall bulletin


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